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the story


we are a young couple - Dominika and Håkon

our roads crossed while we were styding ecology in Telemark 

we believe that no money in this world can buy the feeling of a permanent creation 

creating something with the intention that it will last indefinitely, in harmony and with a positive impact

we often see that many decisions in this society are not accompanied with this intention, but rather oriented towards a blind materialistic desire

but if you are like us you probably see that there is alot to improve in our society, because as it is now it is not sustainable

but we know that in the end each and every one of us can make a difference and, in fact, everyone has to make a difference in order to make life on the planet sustainable 

in the summer of 2018 we established a production of unique baked products with the intention to make easily accesable, user friendly and nutritious food

this became our main activity and we invest most of our time into this project, to bake bread based on flaxseeds that has many health benefits, called Linbakst

in january 2019 we took over and bought the farm that we named "PERMALIN" with a vision to have a home from which we can contribute to creating a sustainable, healthy and ethical community 

we will produce good quality food without harmful chamicals - because we believe that good nutritious food is the key to a healthy and happy life

we will provide space and knowledge for education and workshops that lead to personal responsibility and actions towards sustainable life on the planet

we will provide shelter, love and care for animals that need it :)


yes we will - because this is our beginning, so welcome to our home, we can't wait to meet you!